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     This site announces breaking news about ANIMAL WELFARE, WILDLIFE CONSERVATION, and ANIMAL PROTECTION LAWS across the globe.  This is the site to learn about the victories & challenges facing animals today AND the courageous people who make it happen--AS IT HAPPENS.  Get updates on endangered species, statuses of animals in entertainment, legislative action statuses, the exotic pet trade, and illegal harvesting of animals for their parts.   The latest report is always at your fingertips via my list of web links (one click on the link(s) of your choice).  Read about the stalwart efforts made to improve the lives of animals around the world.  
My "News & Events" page posts upcoming educational conferences, expos, campaigns, and televised specials related to the protection of animals: their world, their welfare. You can stay informed here.  
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Human Concern for the Welfare of Animals

FROM the beginning, man has been drawn to animals, either by necessity or by awe.  Wildlife, and later, domestic animals, served man by providing food, clothing, transport, or entertainment for the masses.  Many animal species enchanted or challenged humans over the ages, but eventually, it is safe to say, animals were always taken advantage of in the long run. Humans came to desire DOMINION over all.  The animals that were revered for their beauty, majesty, strength, or stealth were often, in some civilizations, celebrated as Gods--omnipotent and eternal.  And believers' spiritual and physical fate was often tied to the amount of devotion lavished upon these animal deities.  You could say, some of these animal species were "loved to death"--the very species that were so revered were the species that suffered species loss so greatly.  As history wore on, and as spirituality and holiness slid down the slippery slope toward 'bringing home the bacon' (no pun intended), man began devising ways of exploiting animals for his own monetary gain. The subduing and/or killing of certain animals once so revered for their strength, size, or stealth became fodder for the Roman empire's gladiators, where millions upon millions of animals were killed for 'entertainment'.  Eventually, in more modern societies, anhilating animals morphed into that libido-enhancing activity we now call 'sport hunting'.  In current cultures, man continues to find ways to profiteer from animals.  An animal is part of life on earth, not meant to have its tusks torn out for ivory trinkets; not meant to be a laboratory study tool; not meant to be tortured and violently killed in a 'crush video'. 

In our own time, the concept of animals holding intrinsic value has evolved, albeit slowly. As we witness animals displaying traits mirroring our own human behavior, many of us have come to realize that animals are intelligent, sentient beings. Our knowledge and awareness has increased in positive ways. Over the centuries, long-term observation has developed into defined animal sciences and has broadened our understanding of the true nature of animal life on earth.  Even more importantly, it has unveiled the realization that ALL lifeforms are dependent upon eachother--humans included.  A symbiotic relationship--if you will, and compulsory to human survival.

Extended knowledge of animals and plants has ultimately benefited our lives in countless ways. We have only begun to scratch the surface: we now have cancer-sniffing dogs and we have discovered ancient remedies in flora, such as vital, medicinal herbs to name but a few things.  We humans have actually tweaked Nature a few times with, turning the tide in a threatened species favor. 

Why was the Animal Bastion website created? anyone can access current NEWS & INFORMATION about animals--what we learn about them in addition to our efforts to save them.  On this site, there is also a "News & Events" page.  One easy click onto any of the listed "Links" will transport you to hot-off-the-press events and detailed reports, from anywhere in the world. And who knows...maybe something is happening right now in your own back yard that you are not aware of.   

One last note: What can we do, as stewards of the planet, to protect our incredible living resources? We can do something, or we can do nothing.  But always bear in mind: without human intervention and conscience, non-human species have no voice of their own! If every citizen of the planet understood that THE ANIMALS' survival is tied to OUR OWN, many more humans would act wisely, and all species would flourish!  

Thank you!
S.K. Niel


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